Five Red Flags To Watch for When Considering an Airbnb Management Company

So we’ve complied 5 red flags to watch out for when evaluating Airbnb (short-let) property management companies.

As one of the founding agencies in the short-let property space in London back in 2013, we are keen to ensure standards keep rising.

You still need to be aware of inferior providers though.

Hiring an Airbnb management company in 2023 can be a very smart move for hosts, but you need to be diligent in vetting providers. 

Look out for these 5 red flags before entrusting your property to a short-let property management firm:

  1. Minimal Online Presence – Legitimate, experienced companies will have a professional website explaining services, fees, and rental models. Little web presence could signal a fly-by-night operator. Dig deeper.
  2. Vague Pricing – Quality companies are upfront about their fee structure, usually charging 20-30% of bookings. Avoid firms that dodge pricing questions or seem unclear about services covered. Read the fine print.
  3. Overblown Earnings Claims – While established managers can increase occupancy, claims of always booking your property 100% of the time are unrealistic. Ask for data on their actual performance.
  4. Lack of Reviews – With no reviews on Google, Facebook and other sites, there’s no way to assess past client satisfaction. Be wary of working with an unknown, untested company.
  5. No Local Presence – Opt for a company with an office or staff in your metro area that can handle maintenance and issues quickly. Companies lacking local presence often provide subpar service.

Checking for these 5 red flags when researching short-let property management companies can help you avoid headaches further down the road. Taking the time to thoroughly vet Airbnb management companies lets you pick the best partner for safeguarding your property and income.

As experts in the London Airbnb short-let property management space for over ten years, we would like to think we know a thing or two about our ‘manor’. 

If you’d like to talk with our super friendly team about becoming a valued client, please do get in touch today. 

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